Project #5!

July 31, 2012

Celebrate Labor Day with with the fruits of our Labor!

We’re gonna work for our money.
Presenting the 24 Hour Production
Directed by Jennifer Rowe

The Quick and Dirty Art Project, in collaboration with 2012 Drammy-winner
Matthew B. Zrebski of Playwrights West,
will be presenting their first 24-Hour Production on Monday, September 3rd 2012
at the Coho Theater, 2257 NW Raleigh Street.

The performance will be a fundraiser for the coming year’s work.
In what the company hopes will be a first in an ongoing series of collaborations with
upcoming local playwrights, The Quick and Dirty Art Project will collaborate with local playwright Matthew Zrebski, a group of talented local actors, designers, and technicians to create a short, fully realized production of a
completely new work over a 24 – hour period.

Starting at 8pm, September 2nd and ending at 7:59 September 3rd, a Portland-grown world premier will be written, developed, designed and rehearsed.

The final work will then be performed at 8pm, September 3rd, and followed by a Labor Day party.
So stay for a hot dog.


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ABOUT The Quick and Dirty Art Project
The Quick and Dirty Art Project is a group of young, professional theatre artists dedicated to the preservation
of theater as a relevant, immediate, and irreproducible medium.
The projects are focused
on creating intimate, truthful expressions of human experience through fine performance, and risky text with an eye for design.
Most recent projects include “Mercury Fur” by
Philip Ridley and “The Unseen” by Craig Wright.
The company is:
Jennifer Rowe, Cameron McFee (Drammy winner, 2012 and 2011),
Alanna Newman, and Jennifer Lin.